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We help you speak, have impact and be heard!

Coaching to speak in public

You speak, but is anyone listening? To have impact and to be effective you must be heard.

We provide coaching for ALL speaking scenarios; speeches, presentations and meetings, to ensure you influence.

We take you beyond the basics, to the next level of effectiveness.

We know one size does not fit all, take a look below – how can we help you?

Take a look at the cards below to see which is the right approach for you or your team.

Speaking to be heard

We provide coaching beyond the presentation and meetings courses you have been on in the past. Our sessions are bespoke, high level sessions, 121 or in small groups.

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Women and Speaking

Coaching women in all areas of public speaking and meetings is our specialism. We understand the challenges specific to women and always tailor our courses accordingly.

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Why speaking matters for you

It’s critically and disproportionately important. You reach bigger audiences than your normal day to day colleagues when you speak in public, in meetings, presentations or speeches, either live or via digital platforms.

People judge professional competence by what they see of you speaking in public scenarios, so your influence, credibility and professional success are dependent on your ability to speak well.

Why We’re Different

This is not about us, it’s about YOU. We work to understand you and your context. It’s about developing YOUR unique style and not imposing a “1 size fits all”, “only my way is right” approach.

  • It has to be real world. We know how to speak to influence in a corporate context. We know how to enable you to get your message heard.
  • We focus on ALL your speaking requirements. Being heard in meetings, in discussions, Q&As and informal presentations are just as important as the big speeches.
  • Drama skills and vocal techniques are necessary but not sufficient to be effective. It is about practical applications.
  • Physical delivery skills are not enough either. We also focus on psychological skills that are the foundation for influential speaking.
  • Our coaches are experienced, practical, businesspeople. We also have broadcast journalists and voice coaches. We’ll deploy the right coach(es) specifically for you.
How we help

We work with clients 121 and in small groups to help develop and hone their abilities to speak and be heard in public.

Typical problems we are asked to help with:

  • I have a big speaking opportunity coming up and I need to deliver at my best
  • I haven’t got time to prepare for my presentation
  • I get anxious when I have to present, and it gets in the way
  • I don’t feel I can make myself properly heard in meetings
  • I’ve got a particular problem with my voice/ breathing/ body language

Presenting - why you need to give it more time and attention!

We help you speak, have impact and be heard!

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