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121 Speaking Skill Builder Coaching for Executive Women

Why do it? – So you can be heard and be influential.

  • Build your professional credibility
    Speaking is your shop window; it is disproportionately important; it’s how you build your reputation and achieve things.
  • Be better
    You already speak and know all the basics, what you need is some focused and individual support in key areas, to take you from a ‘competent’ speaker to a powerful and influential one!
  • Avoid the pitfalls for women
    To speak powerfully is more challenging for women. There are forms of unconscious bias that can work against you when speaking out. Many of the techniques and characteristics that work well for men, will actually work against women.

Our programmes are led by experts who understand these challenges and how to navigate them.

What we do – content and programme

  • Our coaches will develop a bespoke 121 coaching programme with you.
    There will be a skills self-audit and a benchmark speech/ presentation and together with you, we will agree a development agenda from that.
  • For each chosen topic area, we will teach a short segment on key content, background, knowledge, tips, techniques etc. You would then apply it and your coach will review and give you detailed feedback.
  • Areas of focus you can choose from include:

Preparation – Messaging, Themes, Structure, Attention spans, Audience analysis, Making an impact, Visual aids

  • Delivery – Audience engagement, Being memorable, Voice development, Body language, Personal Impact and Appearance, Movement, Staging
  • Other – Handling Q&A, Team presentations, Chairing / Moderating meetings, Handling nerves, Digital presentation

How we do it – the methodology

  • We work with you through a series of sessions to develop your skills
  • The delivery of these sessions can be remote, face to face or a blend of both, whichever works best for you. We design the sessions to fit around you.
  • We also use coaching software that enables you to record remotely and receive online feedback.
  • The programme is usually delivered in four or eight 90-minute sessions

How will you benefit?

  • You will feel calm, confident and prepared whenever you speak.
  • You will have learned the specifics of the challenges women face and how to overcome them.
  • People will be engaged, listen to, and hear what you say.
  • Every time you speak – in a presentation, meeting, or other event – you will be enhancing your professional reputation and career prospects.

Why Choose Archimedes?

  • Our coaching is developed from a deep business background, our coaches are a mix of experienced, practical, business people, broadcast journalists and voice coaches.
  • We understand the issues that women often face in getting heard and overcoming these challenges.
  • It’s about more than drama and vocal techniques, although we cover these aspects too.
  • We know how to present and influence in a corporate context and how to enable you to get your message heard.
  • We work to understand you and your context.
  • It’s about developing YOUR style and not imposing a “1 size fits all” approach.


Costs are variable depending on how the programme is delivered and the specifics of your coaching areas, but a typical four session, remotely delivered programme, would be £475+ VAT


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121 Speaking Skill Builder Coaching for Executive Women

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