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About Us

Who Are Archimedes Consulting?

Founded in 2000 by Patricia Seabright, Archimedes Consulting is here to help individuals and businesses interact with others more effectively.

The name came about because we believe that, like the “Eureka moment” that the famous Greek philosopher experienced, good consultancy, coaching and training gives clients moments of clarity and insight that help step change future results.

We are specialist and experts, we don’t do off the peg, one size fits all, public programmes. We work closely with our clients to design and deliver client specific programmes that will build personal and corporate effectiveness.

Patricia Seabright - Director

Patricia’s background was originally in sales and sales management. She started as a management trainee and quickly progressed to senior management level. Her wide experience encompasses many different sales and management functions. She worked for organisations such as Proctor and Gamble, Gillette and Coca-Cola.

In more recent years Patricia has moved into the field she feels passionate about – individual and organisational training and development.

Patricia has always been passionate about public speaking from her early days winning national speaking competitions when she was at school, through to coaching CEOs and MPs today.

Patricia is also a qualified coach, a Thomas International accredited practitioner, and an NLP practitioner. Recently she has also gained Certified Virtual Presenter status, so you can be reassured that you are in the hands of an expert!

Sally Bishop - Voice and Acting coach

Sally originally trained as an actress at the prestigious Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

“I walked through its doors, shy and awkward, not at all sure if I was going to be able to cope with the demands of the training. I was not your typical confidant drama student and did not relish the thought of performing in front of an audience!  A strange choice of career? Well, perhaps.  Would I ever be able to do that? Could they train me to be comfortable, funny, persuasive and brave(!) on stage? Quite frankly the thought of it would have my heart thumping and the fear could bring me to tears. But the answer, thankfully, was ‘yes’.

‘Yes’ stage presence can be learned! What’s more, learning to be able to hold my place in the world and to speak out and be heard, proved so important to me, that I’ve been sharing and enabling others to do it ever since”

15 Years later Sally returned to further her training at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama attaining a Masters degree in Vocal Training.

Working with actors was always going to be a natural fit for me. However, an unexpected delight was realising how helpful stage and vocal technique can be to those who never expected to be standing in front of an audience. Business people, politicians, writers, organisers, fire fighters and inventors. People who, like myself all those years ago, would like to be persuasive and confident on stage but for some reason believe it is unattainable. I love it when clients realise that, with practice and determination, it is entirely attainable. I’ve now taught hundreds of individuals the techniques of public speaking and vocal technique. It’s thrilling to be able to coach and guide people to a point where they become empowered and effective on stage”

Seema Kennedy

Seema trained as a solicitor, and spent fifteen years in law and business before becoming a MP.  In a Parliamentary career of four and a half years she was chief aide to the Prime Minister, and a minister in two departments.

She has vast experience of speaking in hostile environments and works with the Archimedes team to help others survive and thrive in these situations.

Our Wider Team

We work with a wider team of professionals that includes other business-based coaches, voice-over artists, BBC presenters and voice coaches, that we deploy on individual programmes as relevant for our clients.

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About Us

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