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Women achieving their potential in the workplace

To face the challenges of the 21st Century, the world needs to harness the full power of human capability and creativity. Everyone has a stake in ensuring women have equal opportunities in the world of work. The evidence is clear. The PWC  “Women in Work Index” shows that improving female participation in work across the […]

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History repeating itself

Millennial women are making the same mistake as older generations, in assuming that the workplace is a level playing field. It isn’t. The figures on women’s representation in the boardroom and in politics along with the gender pay gap reveal this very clearly. Women’s ability to speak out to influence is critical to progress, and […]

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The broken rung

Equal numbers of men and women get qualifications and enter the workplace but by the time we look at a few steps on from the entry level roles, for example at director level, it is 65% men 35% women, by C-Suite level men make up 78%. Why is that still the case?  One big reason […]

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Women at Work – This is a crossroad moment

This is a crossroads moment; Decisions being made now will effect gender balance and diversity for decades to come. It is a “sliding doors scenario” for women at work according to the 2020 McKinsey report that has just been published. The Dichotomy Progress towards a gender balanced workplace, although painfully slow, has been moving forward. […]

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The language used.

This week, Congresswoman  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popularly know as AOC, delivered a powerful rebuke to a fellow member of congress, who verbally abused her. Verbal Abuse  The amusingly named congressman,  Ted Yoho ( a pirate in a former life?) had got in her face, jabbed a finger at her called her, disgusting, crazy and out of […]

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Black lives matter, but what should change?

As someone from the business world writing about women being heard it made me think. The protests that have been peaceful have been amazing in raising awareness and because of it, so many people are saying yes, we must change but beyond posting pronouncements what can people actually do? What can you do? Practically? Day to […]

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Remote working and presentation skills

All businesses are being shaken by the impact of the global coronavirus. The travel bans, meeting bans, quarantine and lock downs that have been happening worldwide are necessary but are not helpful to business progress. However, the good news is that we have the technology to be able to adapt. We may not be able […]

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Speaking Through the Storm – Handling challenging speaking situations

About 10 years ago I attended a political meeting. It made me think of what it must have been like attending a bear baiting contest in Tudor times. It seemed full of railing, ranting and raging people, screeching at the chair of their local party organisation. Essentially there was a conflict over whether or not […]

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Presenting - why you need to give it more time and attention!

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