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Watch Out Words!

Watch out Words–It’s fair enough. We all have our little vocal tics, words that are our ‘go to’ words, words we habitually pepper our speech with and often use to pad out what we say when we’re unsure or nervous when we’re talking about something. It’s important to be aware of and watch out for […]

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What’s the point of your presentation?

What is your objective when making a speech or presentation? Often people say that their objective is to inform or give information. But what do we really mean by “to inform”? People can get raw data and even information from the internet, do they really need you talking to them? So you have to ask, […]

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Making conference presentations – Love them or Loathe them??

Is it a great time to refocus and set direction, to inspire and be inspired ? Or do you just dread it? Dread being required to get up on your hind legs and make the standard issue presentations? Dread the bored audiences, the PowerPoint mountain you’ll be asked to produce? Worst of all, do you […]

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Is Glossophobia stopping you speaking out?

Are you someone who, at the mention of speaking in public, comes out in a cold sweat wanting to hide in the furthest corner of the room? If so, don’t worry! You are not alone. It’s very common. So common in fact there’s a word for it; Glossophobia. (Greek; glōssa, meaning tongue and phobos, fear or dread.) You […]

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The power of public speaking

The Dancing Queen! What a difference a year makes – Key learnings from Theresa May! If you ever doubted the power of public speaking surely the recent PM’s conference speech will have put you straight. Speaking matters. It’s why Churchill became PM and not Lord Halifax, Kennedy beat Nixon, why David Cameron, as a relative […]

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Politics – Why don’t women run??

Why aren’t there more women in politics? There has been a lot of discussion and focus in the media about this recently. Not surprising really, given that 100 years on from women getting the vote, women still make up only 32 % of all MPs and about the same % of local councillors. In the […]

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Conference Address – September 2018

Taking aside any views on the content of Corby’s speech lets look at how he did from a public speaking perspective. Introduction; As he entered, he greeted his shadow cabinet warmly and has perfected the classic poses of US politicians of waving and pointing to members of the audience and acknowledging them in time honoured […]

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Millennials – why we need to work differently with them.

We keep hearing about Millennials and how they are so different from previous generations, but why does this matter to us? Probably because lack of understanding of this generation can cause problems in how to manage them and how teach and develop them. If you’re a non-millennial manager, consultant, or trainer this is for you! […]

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Presenting - why you need to give it more time and attention!

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