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She Said!

51% of the UK population are women and yet only 30% of FTSE 250 board members are women, 34% of MPs are women and the gender pay gap still stands at 17.3%, 

Despite regulated access to higher education and growing number of women in managerial job roles, women persistently lag their male peers in recognition, reputation, pay and promotion opportunities:

She Said! explores the belief that the reason for the slow pace of change toward equal career progression and gender balance is that each new generation of women is making the same mistakes. Women are making the mistaken assumptions that there are no longer the barriers to women’s voices being heard.

The ability for women to be fully heard is of pivotal importance to both individual careers and to gender parity. It is how the system changes. Speaking out and being heard is the crucial enabler, the catalyst, the key that unlocks the door to system change and true equality.

Speaking out and being heard

BUT speaking out and being heard is not easy or straightforward for women, especially as they get further into their careers and more senior in their organisations, and especially if they are women of colour. This is partly because of

  • a persistent, systemic male-dominated bias in the workplace that is often not clearly seen
  • because women need to fully master the ability to speak and be heard in crucial business discussions and forums

“She Said!” is a practical handbook for millennial women 

She Said! provides intelligent, powerful women with both the perspective and insight of what is really happening in the critical business discussions and forums and the informed guidance to better enable them to express, present and “own” their important contributions to an organisation’s success.

“She Said!” has three sections:

  • Understanding the context and the challenges to women being heard-why is it hard?
  • Speaking in public and how millennial women can maximise their speaking effectiveness.- What to do about it
  • Advice, best practice and checklists- Practical Application

She Said!’s counsel is grounded in the real-world experience and hard-won knowledge of female pioneers in the professional world. It aims to accelerate the careers of individual women and to increase the pace of change towards full equality.

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She Said!

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