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Speaking Concierge Service

Why do it?

  • To increase your professional reputation

Your public speaking ability is a small part of your skill set, yet it is disproportionately important. Stakeholders, customers, and staff will judge your whole competence by what they see of you when you’re presenting in a public forum, not on what you do the rest of the year!

  • To maximise your time
    You know that to maintain and grow your reputation and career you must invest time and effort into your public persona and the speaking events that shape that. And yet, the demands of your job make it hard to find the time needed to prepare well.
  • To address the specific challenges for women
    To be able to speak powerfully is even more challenging for women. They need to avoid various forms of unconscious bias that can work against them when speaking out. Many of the techniques and characteristics that work well for men, can actually work against women. Our programmes are led by experts who understand these challenges.

What we do – content and programme

  • This is an individual service providing you with ongoing support to help you deliver excellent presentations / speeches and save your time doing it.
  • We will give you end to end support encompassing:
    • Helping to shape content and structure and slides creation.
    • You provide us with the raw material, a document, report and / or have a conversation to brief us.
    • We will provide a suggested structure; write an initial draft speech and provide slides which you can then edit and amend as required.
    • We will then support your preparation with rehearsal sessions, helping you refine your delivery.
    • We will help you prepare for Q&A, brainstorming possible questions and suitable responses and rehearsing the Q&A.
  • We can include work with voice coaches, graphic designers, and professional newsreaders where appropriate

Archimedes will provide you with time and cost-efficient coaching that will enable you to get professional input as and when you need it, alongside practice and feedback that will make all the difference to your speech. Critically you will be more prepared with your time spent in the most efficient way.



How we do it – the methodology

  • Face to face, remote or blended sessions – whatever works best for you.
  • Email correspondence and calls to develop the speech/ presentation. We will work to understand your voice and style.
  • Your coach will challenge you to deliver different aspects of the speech and will give feedback at each stage via a remote session or using our coaching software.
  • You would then have a final live rehearsal session with additional advice and encouragement.

How will you benefit?

  • You will have a time efficient way maximise your impact at speaking events.
  • You will have access to the level of support usually only available to the best resourced C-suite officers, which is what makes them outstanding.

Why choose Archimedes?

  • Our coaching is developed from a deep business background and our coaches are a mix of experienced, practical, businesspeople, broadcast journalists and voice coaches.
  • We work to understand you and your context.
  • We understand the issues and bias that women often face in advocating strongly and we can help overcome these challenges in your speeches and presentations
  • We know that in business, effective speaking is not all about drama school and vocal techniques. These have their place but are not enough.
  • We know how to present and influence in a corporate context and how to enable you to get your message heard.



This is an ongoing service and costs start from £99 +VAT per month.

Presenting - why you need to give it more time and attention!

Speaking Concierge Service

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