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She Said!

“I would summarise this book as, how to be an authentic kick ass, public speaker as a woman in business! The author suggests that performances and public speaking aren’t optional but are to be embraced as core and enduring skills. We have a duty as women leaders, to see public speaking as a skill for us all to have, to share our ideas, opinions and to influence – make no mistake, this isn’t a book on presentation skills; this is a kick ass book on how to slay the dragons of hidden silencing dynamics and take up the mantle of public speaking”

“The “can do” language packed full of life hacks and with signposting such as “what to do” “navigate” “challenge”. The book deftly embraces historical, political and classical references, in support of the power of public speaking and asking us to own it for women. We are invited to share lived experiences of unconscious bias, the good girl stereotypes and hysteria through to finding our voices to impression manage in authentic and impactful ways. The author shares practical resources from recording, to web sites, to tracking apps and even advises us on outfits, body language and our voice as an instrument… and, there are some of the best come back, one liners I wished I had known years ago!”

Public Speaking coaching

“I had some excellent public speaking coaching with Patricia. She offered lots of thoughtful and practical advice and was both encouraging and challenging, getting me to examine my own strengths and weaknesses. I really enjoyed our sessions and learned lots of new ideas, which I’m putting into practice. Above all, Patricia gave me the courage to try new things and the means to make them happen.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Patricia on at a recent event as a group focus on public speaking. She knows her subject extremely well but also how to apply this and adapt it to specific situations. Not only that, she known how to bring the knowledge out of individuals who may not have put all their experience to use in this field before. She is thoroughly engaging and made empowered our whole group to use the skills she shared. I whole heartedly recommend Patricia and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again to refresh and to learn new skills.”


Presenting - why you need to give it more time and attention!

Testimonials and reviews

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