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Virtual presentation skills

Post Pandemic, many people are spending a greater proportion of their time in online meetings and presentations than face to face-to-face. It has become a vital workspace.

Yet attention spans have declined and, even worse, when people attend virtual events, the distractions of constant PC and phone-based notifications, emails and messages popping up, means that capturing and maintaining people’s attention when you speak in the virtual world, is a challenge.

There is an overlap between remote meeting and presentation skills, and live ones BUT in many respects, it is quite different.

For example, your voice. In a normal meeting or presentation, you have to ensure your voice is audible and engaging but you also have body language to help get your message across. Without the benefit of that for virtual presentations, you have to work twice as hard with your voice to ensure you are clear and engaging. You need to be able to skilfully deploy your vocal pace, pitch and modulation.

Typically, this is very different from day to day speaking and without proper training, people end up sounding very dull and losing their audience.

Other virtual presentation skill areas covered are:

  • What good content and structure looks like and how it differs from F2F events
  • How to handle the technology and avoid or mitigate against, the inevitable technical glitches
  • How to leverage the functionality of popular platforms (e.g. Zoom, Teams, Go To Meetings etc)
  • How to keep your audience engaged (and stop them doing their emails!)
  • Physical delivery skills for video calls/ webinars
  • How to hand Q&As effectively (and what to do if no one asks questions!)
  • Avoiding the top 10 pitfalls

We deliver these programmes remotely (of course!)

Patricia is a Certified Virtual Presenter, and once you have perfected your skills with us, we can support you to to gain your certification.

Presenting - why you need to give it more time and attention!

Virtual presentation skills

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