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Critical Skill/Capability Gap for Women19 Nov 2020

Why has progress to gender balance been so slow? The UK is only 16th in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in terms gender balance at work. Why is this?

Why is it that despite regulated access to higher education and growing managerial job roles, women persistently lag their male peers in recognition, reputation, pay and promotion opportunities? This is partly because of a persistent, systemic male-dominated bias in the workplace that is not clearly seen, and also because women need to fully master the ability to speak and be heard in crucial business discussions and forums.

As a consequence, it is harder for women to advocate for their views, for their ideas and beliefs which robs our society of their important contributions.

The critical missing component hindering women’s success is for them to be able to choose their opportunities wisely, and proactively and concisely speak their contributions, without apology or conditions, so that they may be listened to and credited for their contributions in critical discussions.

She Said! will help you answer all these questions: Why is harder for women to speak and to be heard? What are the societal paradigms that cause this? What should women, especially millennial women, do about it to make sure it does not impede their career?

Presenting - why you need to give it more time and attention!

Critical Skill/Capability Gap for Women

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